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BI Services

We understand data and skilfully craft it into Charts, Reports and Dashboards to generate actionable information that simplifies decision-making.

Indeed, decision-making is an integral part of any business and data scattered across disparate systems can make it very challenging.

At GRAPHEB, we leverage cloud technology to ensure that your data is always protected, encrypted at rest and encrypted at motion. Moreover, we collate all data sources and cleanse them to form a single source of truth to streamline your processes.

Our team comes with vast experience and expertise in Microsoft-related data management systems such as SQL Server, Azure SQL, SSRS, Power BI, Excel and Azure Data Factory.

What we offer


  • Data Cleansing 
  • Data Manipulation 
  • Data Scheduler 
  • Data Archival 
  • Data Maintenance 


  • Data Security 
  • Data Compliance 
  • Database Creation 
  • Datawarehouse Creation 


  • Reports 
  • Dashboards 
  • Custom Visuals 
  • KPI 


  • Data Migration 
  • Data Import 
  • Data Export 
  • Data Truncation 

What tools we use